I can make the Mousepad using your selfie!

Hello ❤! I am Olga.

Quality of a portrait depends on light, angle of view, background, etc.
Let me try to improve them on your selfie.

Just send me your selfie and see the difference. And pay-if-like it!

I can retouch your selfie so it gets more likes in
Facebook, Instagram, your dating profile, etc.

Questions & Answers Contacts

Q.: Can I do NOT PAY for your work?

A.: Yes, you can not pay if you do not like my work! :)

The ordering process looks like this:

1. Send me
your selfie.
2. Get your
retouched selfie.
3. Pay-If-Like 

Q.: Why so cheap? You are doing lots of work almost free. Why?

A.: Working with your selfie is our way to drive your attention to our paintings! :)

Originally, we are the group of professional artists. And we can make the true museum quality OIL PAINTED PORTRAITS based on your photo.

Real oil on canvas painting from scratch - no prints, of course. We can record a video of the process when painting for you.
Painting is our life and main vocation. And we are absolutely confident about our art works.

That is why we give the money-back GUARANTEE that you will love your oil on canvas portrait!

See details at www.frangiolli.com
Plus some of our customers wish to order POSTERS and/or MOUSE PADS with their selfies or selfies of their BELOVED ONES.

Such prints always need a GOOD QUALITY photo... and can I prepare it!

So, ... we can print too! :)

See details at www.12-50.com
I can make the Mousepad using your selfie!

Q.: Why should I use your service instead of automatic apps?  

A.: I am here if you care about the QUALITY of the result!

I retouch photos manually. Each photo is obviously individual. What is good for one picture could be bad for another and vice versa. Hence, many people find a huge difference in quality between automatically and manually edited photos.

Try and see by yourself! Anyway - it is free if you do not like the result! No credit card required in advance!

Q.: What I get ordering art-set?

A.: You get your selfie professionally RETOUCHED plus your retouched selfie with effects presented in the Art-Set you have chosen. In most cases, my customers get more than they expect!

You will be able to download your order from its special web page. 

See a sample order web page for Art-Set #11

See a sample order web page for Art-Set #25

Q.: How can I get my animated GIF work on Facebook smoothly?

A.: Do not upload your animated GIF file on Facebook directly from your computer because it may be displayed with errors.

Use a link to your animated GIF file instead. A link like this:

Q.: What are dimensions of the files that I get?

A.: JPGs are 1080x1080 px, 72dpi.
Animated GIFs are 500x500 px.

Q.: What if I do not like the effects on my photo?

A.: I always try do my best because I love when people love what I do.
Many people are really surprised by the quality of my work.
Most my jobs have come from word-of-mouth advertising. This is my biggest value.
But we are talking about subjective perception and of course, exceptions can happen.
So, in this case, I will return your money by PayPal. No questions asked.

Q.: Do you retouch photos automatically?

A.: No. If you care about QUALITY you have to do that ONLY MANUALLY!
It is obvious since each photo is individual! Hence, I retouch all photos manually.

Q.: Do you work with photos of any quality?

A.: Generally: better quality of your selfie - better quality of the results!

If the selfie you love is of pure quality, I will try to work with it anyway!

But, it is clear, that some quality issues may appear. If I am not able to resolve those issues I have to ask you to send me another selfie.

Q.: How often you will send me emails? 

A.: Usually, I send email with new effects once a month.
Of course, I will never share your email with anyone.
Of course, you will be able to unsubscribe anytime.

Q.: Do you take custom orders?

A.: Yes, I do. For example, if you want your selfie with any particular flag - I can do that for 2€.

Just send me a description of what you want!


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Behounska 109, Brno, Czech Republic

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